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We are anonymous! We are legion! We do not forget! We do not forgive!

Hey. I was thinking if no ones doing anything next Saturday for Memorial Day weekend, we can go to ki tracks, Byron or rocky glen in the morning. Bring the bikes and wheelers out, fuck around and then leave around 2-3 and go back to my house and grill and drink some high life and get star spangled hammered. The balls in your court people, let me know

If there's one thing we can take away from Yondu's inspiring heroics, it's that everyone can be Mary Poppins, Y'all. Can I just say how surreal it was to wake up to this amazing build video of my Yondu Fin by Uncle Jessy!?! Thank you SO much man! This is amazing and I'm so stoked that you are happy with it!

I've waited my whole life... I've waited my whole life for that special person to walk into my life and love me for who I am, make me happy, laugh and not make me cry unless it's tears of joy. I've waited my whole life to find someone just like me; crazy, weird, "special" and "retarded." I've waited my whole life for somebody to come along and show me what it's like to love somebody 100%, with all my heart and with everything I've got. I've waited my whole life for someone to come along and give the love songs I listen to, meaning

Happy moms day to the best woman I know! Thanks for teaching me all the important things in life and for always taking weird and randomly awesome selfies with me! I love you so much! Can't wait for summer vacation

A little off topic. Besides music, I am a huge film buff, as well as a film fanatic. I cannot wait for this movie! Who's going to see it September 8th,2017?

My monthly facial from Miss Gini at Face Forward Facial Studios always makes me do a happy dance, especially when I get her famous O2 Facial famous beards I always admired doug cliffard's beard (he was the drummer for creedence clearwater revival).

The moon is older than previously thought, pushing back the clock for when conditions on Earth were suitable for life.

A new analysis of zircon fragments trapped in rock samples retrieved by the Apollo 14 astronauts shows that the moon is 4.51 billion years old, meaning it formed within 60 million years of the birth of the solar system.A previous study based on the same samples also showed the moon formed early, within 68 million years of the solar system's birth. Other estimates of the moon's age range from 100 million to 200 million years after the solar system's formation.The discovery, published in this week's Science Advances, means Earth may have emerged from its battered youth years sooner than thought, setting an early stage for life.


Call me crazy,stupid or naive my world is supposed to be crumbling down right now and guess what it is but not because Siyabis dead its because Tshepo is on his way back. I'm supposed to be crying right now but here I am in panic mode worried as aff for my useless baby daddy. " I need fresh air"I said. I ran outside and first thing I did was to dial Tshepo's number and warnhim of the trap he is running into.

Memories of Abraham Lincoln have served as a “beacon” for the nation since the hours after his assassination Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that Abraham Lincoln "never lied," and said that's a "big difference" between Lincoln and Hillary Clinton.

Training at home with the cats is always entertaining . Watch for Coco's antics during my handstand. Every day I circle in my training log the exercises that go really well (try it! it's good for your soul). I'm thrilled with the improvements in my back squat and I'm pleased that my knees feel totally fine during all exercises. That's a huge win. If you ask me what it's like to fix muscle imbalances, I would say it's like travelling to your destination on a really long uphill gravel road with potholes, black ice and tons of traffic. But if you hang in there, you'll eventually get to your destination. 

The Taiwanese diplomatic delegation lowered the flag of its embassy inPanama after the diplomatic relations between both countries were severed when Panama announced new ties with China, and held a private farewell ceremony.

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