We were looking for some excitement this evening and we got it! Look who came back... My Dad Bod is great!  

Had a little visitor drop into mom and dad's date night. Sometimes you just can't say no... even if you probably should

Happy Birthday to my Sweety! The planet is a better place because you are on it. You add so much LOVE, JOY, LIFE and PASSION to the lives around you. So proud of all that you are, do and accomplish. You are a badass daddy, loving partner, hard working business man and so much more. Love you!

Your dad probably doesn't need another tie or any more aftershave, so why don't you get in his good shirt this Father's Day and get him something he'll really love...

It's Daddy's favorite time of year! Father's Day is around the corner! In honor of this special day we want to give you something too when you get that "badass daddy" in your life the gear he's been wanting and you have wanted to see him in... spend $150 or more and get a free graphic tee on us!!

Every time I go somewhere I always want to bring something back for the two I love to spoil. Being a Papa is great. Mornings when you wake up grateful for a man who understands that science fair projects are just as important as work deadlines and thatbeing a papa who teaches, lives, and gives his all makes him the most amazing thing in my life! Thank you God

We told our son it's a dancing truck that plays music to make people happy. He told this story at preschool and was incredulous that the other kids didn't know The Truth. they seem to have extrasensory perception when it comes to ice cream trucks.  

Perfect tumbler for the Best Buckin' Dad in your life Personalize for Grandpas as well Just made Rodney Noe this, how cute!! Best Buckin' Dad Ever! If anyone is interested in one let me know

My father was the greatest man of this planet, he is nurtured and sustains me in all things, both mentally as well as work, I'm always indebted to him. I desire that peace always, always the great hero in my heart

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. They will come in one way and He will scatter them in seven ways. Am a princess and a queen in the making my father owns the biggest kingdom so am entitled to the best.He fights my battles as I watch.

My customer comments: :" To the anonymous person who sent me a t-shirt that reads "Best. Dog. Dad. Ever"...thank you so much. You brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes."

My customer tell me: " My father taught me, " Never give up on the equal half that you deserve". And I cherish that. Love this story! A great lesson to all of us to put our phones down and be present. We have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. :)"

Good friend of Life of Dad, Walter Geer, in chill mode with his daughter...stylin' like a boss.
 No need to worry dad! We can style the perfect bun for your little girl!

Makisha and Danny have been married for five years and are both diagnosed with Down syndrome. Danny beamed with pride as his wife described him as a good husband. The couple, who refer to one another as "Honey Bear" and "Daddy Bear", are beyond excited to experience life's journey together.

Dear papa and maman, I want to congratulate you with your 'diamond' 60th wedding anniversary. Thank you for making me believe in love, friendship, truth and honesty. I love you and I'm proud of you.


Father’s day is a day to honor those who do the father, relationship with the father and the father’s influence in society. This day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries and can fall into the other day in some places.

This is the day that the good son to express dutiful, for his father’s gentleness Since “high as a mountain – wide as the sea” so you never pay tribute parental, the filial duty only get that in return the thanks birth and rearing only.

if I had to write about a great man, I will write about my father. in this world, maybe the mother than the father felt easy because children are always the mother had given birth in pain, mother care each meal robes. Meaning as effusive mother source of water, such as in the lyrics of a love song, the father is great, high only when we have to face with problem and we fall in difficult circumstances, children turn their eyes look up then realised was that the father always stands here, he already in order to protect his child, with his strong and power. People often said the daughter is a past life lover father, remembers as a kid poems in my house is children sinuous three much, three loving spoiled me, who never let me feel disadvantaged compared with their friends, though my family is not the type well-off in the village, I always felt I had complete everything, not lacking anything, because for me, my father, my family was all right, I silently thank God for that.

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