We are trying a different route with #TeamSteve Harrington stranger things shirt this week; pain management for his #treatment #sideeffects over steroids and there has been an adjustment period. It’s not fun to watch and hard because there’s nothing I can do. I recognize that when Steve isn’t feeling well, my old disordered eating habits […]

011 – Eleven Tattoo Design shirt for the support! 011 – Eleven Tattoo Design. You not only became the owner of one of my original stranger things custom fan art prints, but you got a piece tattooed on you as well. My brothers keeper Thanks for the support! I’m really enjoying tattooing these one of […]

Your kindness was so appreciated by the 11 Eleven Stranger Things shirt. They were here celebrating their daughters birthday.

I just turned 38 myself and 1977 1980 1983 I was there shirt remember watching it as well and we didn't have hbo either. Don't you just love.

These books include the same elements A world of dreams and adventures shirt so fascinating and fun to read but bring female characters to the forefront.

Abide in Him and you'll be like "a tree planted by the Abide shirt, that bears his fruit in his season...and whatsoever you do shall prosper.

Guys, my friend Adidas Demogorgon stranger shirt is being stolen and sold online through illegal pop-up shops. It's gotten out of control.

The cast of Black Panther has spoken out about Trump reportedly referring to some Africa Black Panther shirt nations as sh* hole countries.

Hope everyone is ready for tomorrow's festivities! Why All I want for Christmas is a Porg sweater. Raise your hand if a Porgisall you want for Christmas?

This may explain the title to episode one of All stranger things season 1 shirt. Thought you’d seen some weird sh-t in Stranger Things season 1? Well you haven’t seen anything yet! As much as I love this show, can we please leave it alone and not try to dissect every little thing about it […]

The end bit when thor meets the guardians. Also the bit where you see Avengers Infinity War 2018 Movie shirt in his new iron armour suit.

Ticket sales for the next Avengers film surpassed the record set by Avengers Infinity War Black Panther shirt in just six hours.

Bucky's new look brings things full circle. I'm mad that Avengers Infinity War Bucky shirt. Last time we saw him, he was in Wakanda.

I mean seriously? How? They better have a good story behind it. Steve is not even minutely closer to Avengers Infinity War Captain America shirt.

I want to see a power bomb in, guardians of the Avengers Infinity War Drax shirt. I would mark out so hard the cinema would not be able to contain me.