Jared Huffman told the Washington Post about spotting men wearing Anti Racist Anti Trump Safe With Me Safety Pin T-Shirt and waving Confederate flags

Among the additions to his online store are a T-shirt that says "God Guns & Trump T-Shirt." Kid Rock even started to sell pro-Trump shirt.

I really appreciate what Marie 0smond said about our new I Love Family Donal J Trump shirt, she's a true and honest American

Canadian judge who wore a Make America Great Again T-Shirt hat in his courtroom suspended for 30 days without pay. For many of his supporters

Happy Day of the Owl day of the dead shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt!! Alternative light design for dark shirts. We love these so much.

The Sorry About Our President AntiTrump Multiple Language Shirt is almost nothing. I can't even speak of anything the past few "Presidents" have done.

Russia offered a plan to the Soviet Trump T-Shirt for a full and immediate move toward normalization or a restoration of diplomatic ties.

A conspiracy theorist who wears a shirt that reads "Trump is My President T-Shirt" and holds a "Blacks for Trump" sign has been spotted...

The Trump is not my Presiden Shirt, hoodie, tank top passed a bill that would force Trump to disclose his taxes to get on the 2020 ballot.

Report presidential popularity by the Trump is President and Unicorns are Real Shirt, electoral college votes based on the location...

Just was at the cafe down the street getting some tacos and coffee. Wore my Trump Make Tacos No Wall T-Shirt. There were two cops.