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Well... if that's what DARYL DIXON is saying... ... then we should probably believe it!

Then start being cheerful. It may take more determination than anything we’ve ever done before, but God will give us the strength to do it. He’ll give us the power to be cheerful in the middle of the most ungodly darkness the devil can bring up. Instead of crying out in desperation, take a faith stand. Sing and rejoice and praise God for your deliverance. Be of good cheer and we can be sure God will bring us through any storm just fine.

It’s World Penguin Day and we’re celebrating the true natives of Antarctica—emperor penguins, who never set foot ashore on anything but the frozen seas around Antarctica, where two parents can raise one chick under heroic conditions. It’s a race against time, because they have to fledge their young before the sea ice melts later in the summer. They can do that on their own, but they depend on us to keep the ice under their feet solid. Climate change is real and Antarctica’s ice is shrinking fast. Penguins are like canaries in a global coal mine when it comes to witnessing how our planet is changing.

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Got a new shirt today... In case you can't read it, "I speak in Disney song lyrics and Supernatural quotes."

I love to watch movie and listen to music mostly nu metal, read, write, go out with friends, just have a great time in general..little hard. I am basically a hippie I guess you could say. I really want a serious relationship right now.

Designer, he says that : "  For my piece, I focused on the land and the native inhabitants. I have included cocoa butter paintings of Uluru, the 12 Apostles, a kangaroo, and a koala bear. Each cube also has some dot art inspired by aboriginalpaintings. I used a sculpture of a baobab tree to hold up the top cube. And a sculpted an aboriginal man for the topper.''

My customer say that: " My vision has always been sharing the spirit of the West Coast! I am happy to support the Authentic Aboriginal Art project towards ensuring our beautiful gifts, handed down by our ancestors, can be shared for many more generations to come!"

Who has seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie? My favorite part?Baby Groot, of course! Guardians of the Galaxy sequel is here and you will love Baby Groot in it!

I read a story about it " There are no words to express our collective sorrow. We are now in the grip of the irrational the insane and those who seek violence as the answer. Only God can save us. My concern is so many have forgotten Him. He may have forgotten us. His mercy may not flow, His love may not flow. If we are this wicked to kill,live lies of deceit and too debauched to care for our fellow man. Kipling, tells us, " When all men are paid for existing, then no man must pay for his sins". We may have reached this point; however, I have no doubt, we all will pay for our sins. So let's as friends of Christ, look to another for comfort and peace, praying the Holy Ones have not forgotten us. If not then we may abandon all hope- as Dante would say a true Hell."

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I am a healthcare professional and am appalled by this kind of unprofessional lack or response and what appears to be uncaring attitude, who doesn't call back a pet's parent after doing surgery? Perhaps that's why he chose to deal with animals so he did not have to deal with people? I cannot recommend this so called veterinarian to anyone, nor can I speak highly of his surgical skills as we are still having challenges with our dog's recovery; we had another dog go through same, different surgeon, totally different experience. buyer beware, like in our healthcare, one needs to be an informed consumer.

My customer said: "Austin is expanding everyday, every minute and every second! There's so many black successful, educated , and experienced business owners and entrepreneurs here . I believe we all know it's about time we start investing in ourselves and our communities. Why not? We invest in every other ethnic group and their Communities!....

So I decided to make a page because Austin was thinking it it the same time I was. So This is a page to support, inspire, unite, connect , network, advertise, promote, give advice and know how to dish and take constructive criticism! I had a dream about this.."

Have you ever seen a chameleon in action. Just one Chameleon Pen allows you to easily create smooth and seamless colour gradations . Now with our new Chameleon Color Tops, blending two colours together has never been so quick and easy!

Rose was quick to disagree and explain why she feels that is not a valid argument. "No it doesn't, and I'm gonna tell you why. If I'm laying down with a man butt-naked and his condom is on, and I say, ‘You know what? No. I don't wanna do this. I changed my mind.' That means no. That means f—k no," she says. "It doesn't matter how far I take it or what I have on, when I say no, it means no."