I love to watch movie and listen to music mostly nu metal, read, write, go out with friends, just have a great time in general..little hard. I am basically a hippie I guess you could say. I really want a serious relationship right now.

Discovering that life in a glass dome is not all it’s cracked up to be, Russel shakes off his mistaken identity but will he ever make it back to safe shores?

I am so looking forward to playing tomorrow night lol I put some very serious practice in on my guitar and I am dying to get stuck into it. if you are in party mode come and join us at Eddies.

My friend told me about his fish " I had one of those before, my dad named him Mr. BigPig because he eventually got so territorial he ate a lot of the fish we kept with him except for one yellow cichlid. They for sure are aggressive and he used to do that to me too when I was little, except I knew he didn't want to see me xD he eventually would attack his own reflection like that and it took him years to die of old age and for him to get little mouth sores so I'm sure him hitting the tank for that amount of time isn't going to hurt him too much. He's a big guy, they aren't delicate"

My customer said about this shirt: " They're selling shirts with the fighting Irish guy that show mayweather knocked out & say "just fook him up" but I don't know if it's a good idea to buy one..... it'll be like buying a "I'm with her" shirt back when the election was going on. If the toughest Mexican boxers & Manny paquiao couldn't get to mayweather, do u really think an mma fighter confined to boxing rules is gonna catch him with anything? Mayweather is gonna school McGregor with no problems whatsoever."

My customer say that "Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! T here are no Mexicans here, but I noticed someone evidently re-wrote on this Shirt "This Tequila tastes like I'm not going to work tomorrow, it's attract me to do something for today, never tommorow , try your best for day" 

So you were yelled at as a kid for having a messy room, not going to bed early enough, and cursing too much. Turns out your behavior wasn’t bad after all, it was actually a sign of higher intelligence! I can understand the "going to bed late" issue because most of us can't fall asleep until we are really tired; the messiness and language, however, are decisions we make and should be couched in an understanding of the consequences that come with our behavior.