This is the mother of your backyard bred puppy.

This is the face of a Dane who was once a backyard bred puppy herself. With hope in her eyes, trust in her heart and love in her every breath. She was sentenced to a life of producing litter after litter for her money hungry owner. She is old now and tired but she will produce more litters until her body simply gives out. You may think you are "saving" her puppies by buying them from her horrible owner but in reality you are signing the check to her death sentence

Trusting yourself! Sometimes I have this wild side, to rebel, to be free, and go on adventures. Explore, see new things: people, places, food, music, just open my mind and embrace all life has to offer! GOOD Vibes enjoying the simple things. I feel like a little exotic fish being thrown into the ocean bc I grew up in some small town most people don't know exists, lol! Being sheltered so much unaware of.

as long as 'animal agriculture and factory farming' exist, these atrocities are going to happen. Thinking about buying I Support Putting Animal Abusers To Sleep? this is latest our products !

I'm gonna love her and squeeze her and call her George! Lol, the stitch is a good sport, she gets many hugs squeezes and kisses every day. she looks at me sometimes like "save me" but then stitch cleans all the stuff off her face and is fine

Pocket doesn't want to be disturbed, so she is growling at me. The photo looks ka like she is smiling, but she isn't - she is baring fang and growling. Tis but one of the many moods of Pocket. She is a wonderful, spirited lady. We came to an agreement ages ago on getting along; it involves letting her be a Diva at times. Old girls have earned the right to be grumpy sometimes.

My Customer said that : " Its been proven that cats reduce anxiety levels if you cuddle with them!"

A grid for both green and experienced horses. Poles on the ground for greenies, little jumps for the not so green and for the experienced ones play around with the lifting just one side of the 2nd and the other side of the 3rd jump AND or move the ground poles closer to take off or landing. Sit back and relax and enjoy the bouncy ride!!! Give it a try ;) we have included a grid diagram with measurements in feet at the end of the video. Feel free to SHARE or COMMENT with any questions

This is the  story of Panda. Panda was let down by his owner. Panda died today.... What we know of Panda's story: He was a young cat (possibly indoor/outdoor) who belonged to a young mom whose boyfriend refused to let him back in the home once he began peeing where he shouldn't. A concerned neighbor called dispatch when he became worried about this; and the fact Panda wouldn't eat the food and fresh fish he tried to provide. He was then impounded where he refused food and water for another 5 days before we were called in to help. I went to see him today and he literally broke my heart. He was suffering; but for a small moment seemed so relieved to have someone look at him with the love and care that was his right upon birth. I told the vet I would pay for a blood test so we would know what we were dealing with and could then decide if or how to save him. What we were dealing with was acute kidney failure. Nothing could be done and the choice was made to end his suffering.

If you're a Pokemon fan. ' Fun fact, dialga was actually based off that creature due to its color and its nickname blue dragon. Also if you look at its fins it looks like dialgas tail. That's and alien we just give it a name blue dragon , aliens been on Earth billion years ago just look at the different types of creatures in the ocean, aliens need water to survive so that's the best place to go to survive.

With the Cat and us loaded on the barge, again we rode and rode and we rode. "I wonder if a river ever wonders where it's going," I thought to myself. "I know right now that I am." We were so far out by now that at one point I thought I saw a sign that read "Welcome To Sunday." But that couldn't be right, I thought. "It's Monday."