It’s World Penguin Day and we’re celebrating the true natives of Antarctica—emperor penguins, who never set foot ashore on anything but the frozen seas around Antarctica, where two parents can raise one chick under heroic conditions. It’s a race against time, because they have to fledge their young before the sea ice melts later in the summer. They can do that on their own, but they depend on us to keep the ice under their feet solid. Climate change is real and Antarctica’s ice is shrinking fast. Penguins are like canaries in a global coal mine when it comes to witnessing how our planet is changing.

I came for that big family of freaks, for the friendship and father-sonrelationship and unspoken love, and for BABY GROOT!!!

Still does not seem real. It's like a bad dream I cannot wake up from. I love you Dad. You will be missed by so many for so long.

I love my grandpa with all my heart and will miss him so much . Dear God please take extra of special care to our grandpa because he is very dear to us .i know when God call you , you have to go but we want you to knowgrandpa we love you so much. You are always in our heart .

Hey. I was thinking if no ones doing anything next Saturday for Memorial Day weekend, we can go to ki tracks, Byron or rocky glen in the morning. Bring the bikes and wheelers out, fuck around and then leave around 2-3 and go back to my house and grill and drink some high life and get star spangled hammered. The balls in your court people, let me know

What are you afraid of? If a guy formerly afraid of opening his bedroom door, can jump in the ocean in the morning, if he can stand up (and lose) to injustice and discrimination, why are you still hesitating to show the world who you really are? Ugly and all? Because you are afraid you're future employer/ boyfriend will see this and judge you? But isn't that the exact reason why you show "you" as you are? So that these judgmental people will stay away from you? So you don't waste time and investment in them before they start to show their true face to you? You know, the ugly honest side that they were hiding all this time

My customer told me: " I'm going to try to jot a few thoughts down, sorry if I ramble. I don't know what to say or feel right now so ill start here. Thanks. Thanks for being there. Thanks for being you, no matter what....good and bad. I'm listening to people calling in on your station "

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