I am a healthcare professional and am appalled by this kind of unprofessional lack or response and what appears to be uncaring attitude, who doesn't call back a pet's parent after doing surgery? Perhaps that's why he chose to deal with animals so he did not have to deal with people? I cannot recommend this so called veterinarian to anyone, nor can I speak highly of his surgical skills as we are still having challenges with our dog's recovery; we had another dog go through same, different surgeon, totally different experience. buyer beware, like in our healthcare, one needs to be an informed consumer.

All he did was bash Hinkie and still does, but he enjoys Embiid, Saric, Simmons and the Sixers assets for the future like the Sacromento and Lakers picks...makes no sense! His own damn fault. He could be one of the greatest most versatile defenders the league has ever seen. But he only wants to protect the rim because he has "goals". This has nothing to do with having four centers, this has everything to do with Joel being the number one center and everyone else having to fit around him. There's nothing Michael Kidd Gilchrist does better than Nerlens, but Noel only wants to be a starting five. After we trade him and he comes back, he still gonna have to deal with Joel's nuts in his mouth. Nerlens, I loved you once!

“I teach. What’s your superpower?” In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to superhero teachers, including the 30,000 teachers across the world that are using Khan Academy in their classrooms. Who's the superhero teacher in your life that changed it forever?

Life is something wonderful, it is important that we stop and look and see it, sometimes when life is busy, we hurry to walk, without watching the enjoyment of the Good things around us to complain about fate, blame all kinds.

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