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I read a story about it " There are no words to express our collective sorrow. We are now in the grip of the irrational the insane and those who seek violence as the answer. Only God can save us. My concern is so many have forgotten Him. He may have forgotten us. His mercy may not flow, His love may not flow. If we are this wicked to kill,live lies of deceit and too debauched to care for our fellow man. Kipling, tells us, " When all men are paid for existing, then no man must pay for his sins". We may have reached this point; however, I have no doubt, we all will pay for our sins. So let's as friends of Christ, look to another for comfort and peace, praying the Holy Ones have not forgotten us. If not then we may abandon all hope- as Dante would say a true Hell."

My customer said: "Austin is expanding everyday, every minute and every second! There's so many black successful, educated , and experienced business owners and entrepreneurs here . I believe we all know it's about time we start investing in ourselves and our communities. Why not? We invest in every other ethnic group and their Communities!....

So I decided to make a page because Austin was thinking it it the same time I was. So This is a page to support, inspire, unite, connect , network, advertise, promote, give advice and know how to dish and take constructive criticism! I had a dream about this.."

My name holds so much pressure say my name around a hoe and she got a story to tell!!