Love is everything. Love is life. Every girl has her best friend, boyfriend & true love. But you're really lucky if they're all the same person. I really enjoyed this series! What a great look at the life of a brilliant scientist.  

I spoke in yesterday's podcast about my back pain and how suffering from back problems my whole life turned out to be my biggest blessing. It brought me to yoga, taught me to listen to my body and to be mindful in my practice... I shared how I can look back and see how the pain has been purposeful. I even included that in the podcast description "my back pain has been my biggest blessing!" - well, fuck me. Blessings abound. I woke up in the middle of the night and something literally snapped in my spine without me even moving. Im in so much pain I can't move. Can't turn my head. Can't hold the baby. Whatever the universe is trying to tell me right now I'm clearly not getting it.

June is LGBT Pride Month -- a moment to celebrate diversity and show our pride in the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to communities all over the world.

What's better than Beer, Whiskey, BBQ, God and Family? Nothing, the answer is nothing! It's a great day to practice because "Practice makes Perfect" and Grill Sergeant BBQ, yeah, we're PERFECT. Have a blessed day everyone!

Peter watched TV and he said that: "  It's so awesome to see where Naruto is at now.. He freaking made it. Saved the world in the process. Got the hottest girl. Gonna have some badass kids. What a story."

We have to remember, we are thinking with years of learning lifes lessons, right and wrong, values made then changed with time, yes this poem has a definite chance of making a difference in our childrens lives, it already touched us, but once again we are clear minded, we have knowledge gathered through each day of our life, we have to find ways to break this information down use it in postive learning stages, the community must come together and work and share ideas for the young lifes at stake.

Looks like house rep Steve Scalise is having his third surgery today from wounds resulting from yesterday shooting. He once described himself as David Duke without the baggage. I just like to take this moment to publicly wish him as much pain and suffering as possible before he dies.

I have three beautiful daughters but today's Kiyah special day so with that being said I want to say that I love you endlessly and wish you a very happy birthday my bestie and of course your mom

My customer says that : " Your pants say yoga, but your butt says McDonald's. I just saw this and laughed for a good 2 minutes it maybe because I am getting sick but it was to funny not to share." It's true. There are some that shouldn't wear that type of pants. Lol