We were looking for some excitement this evening and we got it! Look who came back... My Dad Bod is great!  

Your dad probably doesn't need another tie or any more aftershave, so why don't you get in his good shirt this Father's Day and get him something he'll really love...

We told our son it's a dancing truck that plays music to make people happy. He told this story at preschool and was incredulous that the other kids didn't know The Truth. they seem to have extrasensory perception when it comes to ice cream trucks.  

My customer tell me: " My father taught me, " Never give up on the equal half that you deserve". And I cherish that. Love this story! A great lesson to all of us to put our phones down and be present. We have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. :)"

Trying my best to talk to my Dad Colin: Hey Dad: Hi Colin: Um, have you ever step into Wal-mart to go to the toy area just to have a ripstick/plastic sword/ironman fist battle just for the fun of it with somebody and accidently hit one of the mangers there and run out of the store to hide at the gas station when you also realize u still have the iron man glove on your hand? Dad:Leave me alone

Makisha and Danny have been married for five years and are both diagnosed with Down syndrome. Danny beamed with pride as his wife described him as a good husband. The couple, who refer to one another as "Honey Bear" and "Daddy Bear", are beyond excited to experience life's journey together.

Daddy Ninja was asking what I wanna do for Father's Day. All I want is two things. To play with my family and some satay. (FYI I still haven't got my tom yam yet. Lol) Baby Zhayan, I hope you will always wanna do things together with Mama even when you grow old.

"Daddy's first day back at work and we miss him more than anything! Hurry up 3:30 we're ready to see him. My first words this morning, "please don't leave me!"    

We have three ice cream trucks that drive through our neighborhood! One of them drives too fast to even stop her. She's always on her phone, too. Just waiting for that one to kill somebody. Another sells soft serve and is so expensive. I have convinced my daughter that the soft serve guy is not the good truck to stop. So, whenever we hear a truck, I tell her that it's the soft serve guy. She buys it every time.

My customer says that : " My father is a farmer. He works in other people’s land. We spend our days in hardship and scarcity of food makes our life vulnerable. We never asked any question to our mother if she could not cook anything sometimes, because we know they serve us while they starve. I want to do something for them, I want to make them smile, and I want to bring good food for them and want to buy good clothes. To do that I know I have to study, study harder than my classmates."  

Daddy is tired from sking.... Dad you did awesome for your first time :) Had a good day of sking with my dad and his freinds. My first run was a Dimond run and i basically fell down the enire run. Then went on some easy slopes to work my way back up. Lol thanks dad. We will be skingmore soon.

Call me crazy,stupid or naive my world is supposed to be crumbling down right now and guess what it is but not because Siyabis dead its because Tshepo is on his way back. I'm supposed to be crying right now but here I am in panic mode worried as aff for my useless baby daddy. " I need fresh air"I said. I ran outside and first thing I did was to dial Tshepo's number and warnhim of the trap he is running into.

Please take a moment today to wish the best things to our Father and help join me in wishing my daddy and all the other great dads, step-dads, granddads, moms who fill the role of dads, foster dads, and anyone who is there for a child, Happy Father’s Day!

You are the only one who has believed in me every step of the way. I miss you daddy!! Thanks for being a wonderful Daddy. I miss those days when your strong shoulders were the highest place on earth. But no matter how much time passes and how old I grow up, you will always be my superman! Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life!

"Dad says I’m his inspiration, but his positive attitude and energy has inspired us all" Today Laura and Paul Dear are part of a 380-strong squad of football fans and legends of the game who are cycling 145 miles in our epic pedal-pilgrimage to Amsterdam. They talk to us about the impact the disease has had on each of them, and how they're setting aside their football team rivalry to ride together.