Memories of Abraham Lincoln have served as a “beacon” for the nation since the hours after his assassination Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that Abraham Lincoln "never lied," and said that's a "big difference" between Lincoln and Hillary Clinton.

I take Michael in his worse day in his prime then LeBrone and Kobe Wade best day in there prime that's how much better he was Michael had something that those three never had is that Jordan not just beet your team he slit there throats

My monthly facial from Miss Gini at Face Forward Facial Studios always makes me do a happy dance, especially when I get her famous O2 Facial famous beards I always admired doug cliffard's beard (he was the drummer for creedence clearwater revival).

Was part of such a fun shoot on the weekend! Photos to come. And if you like And if you like horror or great shots make sure you give these pages a follow!

I feel like this entire episode could have been a 10 minute scene. I think it was clear he was being tortured in the first few minutes. The walkers falling off the bridge had zero impact on the story other than to break daryls bike and force a run in with two characters. And you just know there's going to be a flashback coming up of the exchange between Negan and Dwight - even though they explained the situation, they'll walk us through it again.

"Perfect for reading in the dark with a flashlight, Jim Harold's Campfire: True Ghost Stories contains seventy toe‐curling, spine‐tingling tales. AuthorJim Harold has put together the most frightening stories that were told to him by some of the thousands of listeners of his “Paranormal Podcast” and “Jim Harold’s Campfire” podcasts... Having interviewed experts and listeners for years, Harold doesn't dress up in alien costumes and has never purchased the Official Ghost Detector off late night TV, and yet, he has discovered that ordinary people are having extraordinary experiences."

Justice for PhilandoMURDER PROVES THERE'S NOTHING BLACKS CAN DO: "Black people in America are treated no better than roadkill. The rules are not there to protect us. Nobody is held accountable for our deaths. And if a white person drives by the rotting carcass of our hopes and dreams, the best we can hope for is for them to say, “Aww, so sad.” They’ll take no action to make the roads safer; most of them won’t even slow down enough to avoid running over our dead bodies ... Justice? Black people can’t even expect dignity from the American cop, or mercy from the white people that cop works for."

Fame is not so impossible for people with charisma, passion and talent. Being famous just means you have fans, and even one or two is enough to make you someone special

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Do you even know what a banana hammock is? Yeah it is a funny word It is a speedo Hahaha

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"Both my Husband and I loved this meal. I'm, not a huge spicy person so added the cream and it was perfect!" - Peta

Wow, took me half an hour because of the hair and the cover on Kurumi's face but I'm happy with the results. Anime: No game no life and H3H3 productions. Jinx, for example, fake reacts in a cringy way and basically, you want to punch him and accidentally spill acid into his face. H3H3 or Leafy make more sketch kind of reaction vids with actual own humor involved