Funny read, but I don't feel like it's that bad. It's a far cry to say you are exhausted by packing for the beach. I hear parents who have one child in tball complain how hectic it is trying to get a kid ready and I just laugh. Maybe I'm just used to it or maybe it's because I'm just really laid back, but I just go with the flow.

How terrible to see this animals are intelligent they just can't talk and have very little protection. Humans are parasites..Humans are the low beings...we really are. We think we are higher. Animals have languages,animals have feelings, animals have families and societies of their ownkind. They kill for survival only. They love and I believe are much much higher than any human, spiritually speaking.

My customer tell me: " Never been so angry and upset in my whole life. I have been voting since I was 18; voted in the last general election and in the EU Referendum. Got my polling card in the post weeks ago just like everybody else, showed up to vote and been sent away because I am illegible to vote due to my Italian heritage, even though my mother, father and sister who also have Italian passports and are in the exact same position as me have all been allowed to vote no issues and no questions asked. Rang up the council to complain as I was absolutely furious and they couldn't even explain the issue, justkept telling me I can't vote because my nationality isn't British. My mum took the phone and spoke to them on my behalf because I got too upset, and she kept repeating the same thing that I'm 'not a citizen here''

If you are a leader, mom, dad, teacher, have a responsibility to live an example of what you want for those around you. If you want health for those you love, live a healthful life. You can't ask of others that which you are not willing to do. Don't be a hypocrite. Live by example.

I'm raising money for the Kentucky Humane Society's Waggin' Trail! Our team, "Show Me Your Pitties" is currently accepting donations benefitting the Kentucky Humane Society in support of their mission in caring for, rehabilitating, and adopting out homeless animals

Ryan always asks me... "Mommy can I touch it?" Referring to my large-ish scar across my right abdomen. Of course he begins with my belly button then works his way over. I know I've posted about this before, but as I coach many women I'm reminded of my own story: When I was pregnant with him I had an 8 mm kidney stone stuck in my ureter and a gangrenous appendix which fortunately didn't take our lives. At the same time? Yes.Yes, it was brutal.