My customer tell that: " this is the beautiful shirt, have you want to try a big pizza? have you ever try Accio Piza? if you as a big fan of pizza , you shouldn't forget Accio pizza, you can eat many time and many kind of pizza with diversify flavour. This is new Shirt belong to pizza for big fan of it. a shirt that depicts my love of potter and yours for pizza!"

My customer told that : " Omg. I walked outside, in this beautiful sunny day, and there are those white fluffy dandelion seeds just floating around everywhere.... I really wish I could dropacid right now because holy fuck, it's such a magical sight."

We live for summer barbecues, parties and relaxation this time of year!!! This is our balcony off our master and the fire pit which is screamin for some s'mores!!! Summer party time is here at last! Planning a barbecue? I've got it covered. I'll hang out by that hot grill so you can hang out with your cool guests!

“I, as a woman, want Wonder Woman to be hot as hell, fight badass and look great at the same time," said director Patty Jenkins. Besides being the first movie to revolve around a female superhero, the film’s production also features another novelty. Spearheading Wonder Woman’s charge to theaters is director ,making her the first woman to direct a superhero film with a female protagonist.

Hey everyone keep an eye out for me. It doesn't have the running boards any more and it has a flash me I'm a welder sticker on the back. It was stolen last night. Rode up next to a guy who had "Flash me I'm a welder" on the back of his truck. Pulled out my breastases. Honked. He didn't even look.

A freedom from doing and into being—being delivered into the hospital of sinners, into relationship, that transcends nations and this world and the tidy faith of Job’s friends, who heard but did not understand, and looks like the groaning and bloody faith of Job, who finally saw—and it was wonderful

Summertime's done, come and gone, my oh my. Seeing so many happy people every night was incredible and showed me that songs can still have relevance and magnetism 50 years after they were created. Thank you, Dead and Company summer tour 2017 shirt

Such a relaxing way to spend a vacation! Oh looks like not everyone is having fun right now! It’s still a bad week to be a seal! Who says it's a bad week to be a seal? White Sharks are ambush predators. When the water is clear at Guadalupe Island the seals and sea lions can see the sharks coming so they aren't that concerned. But when the water turns murky, or the light disappears, it's a whole different story.

My second favorite Christmas !! We spend the day down the (JERSEY)shore having a great time. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!! Merry Christmas in July to you all!! Spending a hot Florida evening, ac cranked, Xmas tunes cranked, making snowmen! Wanted this guy done, but waiting on little cardinals to put in a nest on his head, and of course a little mica to finish!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life, the best Mom , Nana and friend. Stillrockin !!! Sunday I had to work in the morning. Plus I was tired. From trying to be 30 again the night before. So I only ran a few errands in it. But I still HAD it! And I was rockin' hard as I dashed downtown for this and that.

Soul of a gypsy, heart of a hippie, spirit of a fairy... " this quote speaks to me as I've always been a wanderer in my heart and a free spirit in my head ! Gypsies traditionally travelled the lands never harming the environment living as one with the earth ! They never set up any permanent residence or business as they didn't believe in disturbing nature or that the earth could belong to anyone! Today when I see how tortured the environment is and how greedy people are to own land I wish we had all just remained gypsies!

My customer said that: " When you see weaknesses in yourself, instead of becoming frustrated, rely instead on Jesus' perfect strength that does not waver. You will find that even in your weakest moments, His love and grace will carry you to victory"

lease for the love of God get rid of the fact that I am forced to have it!!! I pay monthly for nothing I have a monthly insurance bill that covers absolutely nothing and every time one of us has to go to the doctor it is over priced doctor visit on top of my monthly bill,,, I want to drop out of this stupid Obamacare please the only reason I'm in it is because I'm penalized if I don't! I hate it

It's a great big beautiful tommorrow we love the ride have been to Disney 11 times at world and have ridden it only 8 because a few times it's been closed or under refurbishment. My daughter, granddaughter and I always do this one! Of course I'll have the song in my head for  

This you've heard: “At some point in the future, we’re going to look back and say how did we do it without space?” Trump asked, as if “space” was one of the scientists on the team. Aldrin’s response was obvious and caught on camera. Now Trump is saying no one walked on the moon and in the next sentence saying Buzz Aldrin is a loser because he didn't elbow Neil Armstrong out of the way