So, I’ve had a few people comment that they were disappointed (or worried) that I didn’t bring my usual slew of snarky Disney posts to Facebook during our most recent family adventure. Let’s just say I was trying to be a little more present to the experience this time around. If you’re really dying to know my random Disney thoughts from 2017, however (because I did have them), I’ve compiled them here in this one seriously long post.

Dear Mom, thanks for your love Thanks for your care: "In the cold night, a candle will illuminate and warm things. In every human life, that is the mother candle. Remember the old days as a kid, my mother embracing the cold weather. Mom told me the tale thrilling, compelling in his deep voice. Loving mother's eyes looked at me affectionately. Dark eyes make her very intelligent. Both times creep into the blankets with her mother, I felt the warm breath, gently. Mom wanted me sleeping, sleeping for longer school early tomorrow morning, not enough sleep". YOU ARE SUPPERNATURAL MOM... I LOVE YOU.