Who has seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie? My favorite part?Baby Groot, of course! Guardians of the Galaxy sequel is here and you will love Baby Groot in it!

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Essentially all the questions from Vol. 1 are answered in this. Entertaining as only James Gunn and Marvel can provide. They make fans clamor for more. Regardless of company loyalties *cough*DC*cough* sorry. You have to admit, Guardians of the Galaxy is that property that joins fans from all sides. It's fantastic fantasy, superb sci-fi, a cool cosmic comic book film. With films like this one, all is right in the world...thanks to the Guardians!

I'm Groot!!! I'm working on some future wedding-themed Profitt Reports and ran across this... I loooooove baby Groot!!!!

my Customer said " We took the girls to see Guardians of the Galaxy, they loved the first one and couldn't wait to see Baby Groot towards the end of the movie Kaitlyn had moved into my lap, there was a funny part where Baby Groot answers questions by saying "Baby Groot" but isn't answering correctly (not sure if that makes sense) anywho everyone in the theater is laughing, Kaitlyn is whispering to me "Baby Groot" every time he says it... "

The Guardians are BACK! I think the best way to view films and TV is to go into them knowing very little. To me, it makes for a more entertaining experience. I did the same going into the first Guardians of the Galaxy. I knew nothing of the comics these characters were based on. I did, however, know OF them from other sources. I had quite the collection of comic books growing up. Somehow, you'd hear of some of the references. I knew of Ego (Kurt Russell), the Celestials, and some other characters. You don't need to know them to enjoy Vol. 2. If you enjoyed the first Guardians, I will bet a million credits you'll enjoy this next chapter of these character's journey.