Why flirt with other girls when you got your own girl to flirt with? Why go on dates with other girls when you got your own girl to take out? Why tell another girl you miss her when you should be telling the one who you already know misses you back? Why text all these other girls when you already have someone who can't wait to hear from you? Why try so hard to get inside another girl's pants when you already have a girl who cares about you enough to do that with you? Why make another girl fall for you when you already a girl who's stuck in love with you? I guess what I'm really trying to ask is, why be with a girl if you don't see a future with her? If you're not planning to be with her for long, why drag her to be in a relationship with you in the first place? If you know one girl isn't gonna be enough for you, why make one believe that she is? Because it's shit like this that really fucks a girl's head up.

A girl in blue car was parked in a store parking lot for at least 25 minutes with her 2 cats in the car and all the windows rolled up, not even cracked. When confronted she insisted that it is not too hot today to do so and they are fine!