Being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is important, honorable, rewarding and at times, yes, hard work. Nonetheless, every day many CNAs choose to care for our aging military heroes, doctors & nurses, fire fighters, and our loved ones. There is no greater joy, nor greater reward than making a difference in someone's life.

Sawdust is man glitter, so I hear? Starting this one young, his training has far to go... "Sawdust is Man Glitter" Joe and I celebrated our party yesterday and this is one of the gifts I got him (Hehe). Today we're busy gearing up for an action packed weekend! Thankful to be celebrating the holiday with family and little baby flutters.

I thank God everyday for the men and woman who serve for me to awake in the morning and just take a breath is a blessing Because of You veterans and the loyalty and the horror the everything that comes along the people like me to awake to have another day to say again , thank you