I will get the bobber for you Mom. I promise I won't touch the squiggly wormy thing on the hook. I can put a plate of food on the coffee table, look at him and say leave it. Leave the room and go to the bathroom and he either follows me or sits there and guards the plate without touching it til I get back and of course he gets a little of the plate for a reward.

So when I workout, I normally have my hair in a ponytail. However natural hair don't care, the hair reverts back to it's natural state during the workout. Now my solution is to tie my hair down. What is ur go to solution for when you workout?

My customer said that: " By bringing dogs into our lives, we make the promise to fulfill their needs, and having a strong Pack Leader meets a dog's most important psychological and instinctual need."

Looks like it’s not happening today. Unit is full and there are 3 medically needed inductions scheduled before me. Maybe tomorrow. “I look back at things that have happened in the past, and I look at where I’m now, and it’s crazy.”

Curly hair dont care Their is no point in this heat trying to straighten it x Just chilling with my moo on and afternoon walk So proud of my moo just got her school report and all I can say is well done my girl and keep it up so proud of you mum and dad loves you

The moon is older than previously thought, pushing back the clock for when conditions on Earth were suitable for life.

A new analysis of zircon fragments trapped in rock samples retrieved by the Apollo 14 astronauts shows that the moon is 4.51 billion years old, meaning it formed within 60 million years of the birth of the solar system.A previous study based on the same samples also showed the moon formed early, within 68 million years of the solar system's birth. Other estimates of the moon's age range from 100 million to 200 million years after the solar system's formation.The discovery, published in this week's Science Advances, means Earth may have emerged from its battered youth years sooner than thought, setting an early stage for life.


HELLO. I won't be taking on any new orders between now and the end of August. I'm getting married this summer and have decided to make more than time probably allows for the day :) You can still request a commission, I just won't be able to make a start on them anytime soon.

I will still be attending Carve Carrbridge

My customer said that: " Running away from the things I have to do daily, from the people I have to deal with, from the appointments, the clocks, the urgent messages, the deadlines, the exams, the short sleep, the forced things and the forced life. I want to live things I want or maybe let my soul react without a clue what's gonna happen next."