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Hello everyone!! How are all of you this fine evening? I'm just giving my husband some last minute motivation before he heads out to his final anger management class! I believe he is doing much better! He is such a sweetheart, and I know he loses his temper sometimes, but I still love him!

Yesterday i went to walmart to pick up my medicine and when i came out of the store i saw a young guy with his dog and i went to him and ask him what he needed. And he said he needed money for dog food to feed his dog and him. As i started talking to him more , he was living out in the woods behind a motel him and his cousin. I gave him some money to buy him some food and dog food. As i was driving home I prayed for him.Lord we need to help people all of us here in America . MY Dream has always to help people with out any hope.I want to rent a house and help people who NEEDS A SECOND CHANCE ,,,,, Because God Gave Me A Second Chance In Life!!!

Do you want to marry my uncle? He is a man who is extremely cute, humor and fun in life, and he is a very faithful person. Welcome people that will become my uncle's wife in the future. I hope he will find the person he will be fall in love!