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My customer said that: " Seriously though. I have an obsession with Stitch... He is definitely my patronus.he always stands by me, while i so dissapointed about this life, he gave me the hope, to overcome this problem, I totally, Stich is my Patronus. "

Had the honor of taking Kevans dad fishing today . We had a great time catching trout. Thanks for letting me getting to take him fishing again. boat show was boring but dad baught me a cool fishing rod and reel... now we gonna go out and catch big fish in the deep waters of australia!!!!!! cant wait to test my rod and reel......... imm soooooo lazy today, but church was pretty cool had a guy from africa that was here, he was very very gooooddd...

A heart of a patriot, a soldier, an Ilocano Warrior in pain, I can't hold no more to express and shout for all of us to hear!!! a call for Justice and accounting.