It’s World Penguin Day and we’re celebrating the true natives of Antarctica—emperor penguins, who never set foot ashore on anything but the frozen seas around Antarctica, where two parents can raise one chick under heroic conditions. It’s a race against time, because they have to fledge their young before the sea ice melts later in the summer. They can do that on their own, but they depend on us to keep the ice under their feet solid. Climate change is real and Antarctica’s ice is shrinking fast. Penguins are like canaries in a global coal mine when it comes to witnessing how our planet is changing.

A Day in the Life of Rescue: Some days in rescue are rather emotional and today just happened to be one of those days. Not that anything extraordinarily bad or good happened; it was just one of those days where the people side of the business got to me. It’s amazing what one or two snide remarks can do to the soul. All I ask is this, before you judge what I have done…or many times what I have not done in a day…walk a mile in my shoes. And if there are typos, grammatical errors, or misspelled words, sorry…but I am tired. Just overlook.