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Designer, he says that : "  For my piece, I focused on the land and the native inhabitants. I have included cocoa butter paintings of Uluru, the 12 Apostles, a kangaroo, and a koala bear. Each cube also has some dot art inspired by aboriginalpaintings. I used a sculpture of a baobab tree to hold up the top cube. And a sculpted an aboriginal man for the topper.''

My customer say that: " My vision has always been sharing the spirit of the West Coast! I am happy to support the Authentic Aboriginal Art project towards ensuring our beautiful gifts, handed down by our ancestors, can be shared for many more generations to come!"

Have you ever seen a chameleon in action. Just one Chameleon Pen allows you to easily create smooth and seamless colour gradations . Now with our new Chameleon Color Tops, blending two colours together has never been so quick and easy!

About my Cat : " I tried to run away when I was about the same age. I put my cat in my Barbie doll case and got as far as the front gate before my mom caught me. I was leaving and my cat was going with me."