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my Customer say that: "I asked God for a Hero ,,He sent me a best friend my Son! I asked god for a hero he sent me this two guys... my son's... my hero's... my life... my love"  

"I had a dream We were back to seventeen Summer nights and the liberties Never growing up..."

i'm an undergraduate of agricultural economics....we solve problems youmay not know you have, in ways you may not

T-shirt "I Want A Man Who Is Funny Like Dean Strong Like Sam Protective Like Castiel " is our latest products. What do you think about this shirt? "I Want A Man Who Is Funny Like Dean Strong Like Sam Protective Like Castiel" The newest design will make boys interesting and exciting.

I'm pretty sure she's glad she introduced her friend to him. Even though he's being a jerk, I am sort of impressed by his level of sarcasm. He gets that from me.

I'm not usually an impulse buyer, but I do believe in telling the truth LOL " I’m an intelligent classy well educated woman who says fuck a lot "

every time I feel hungry, I or anger and angry, I could not control my  actions and thoughts, things that make me sad, sincerely  sorry everyone. I wish the hunger won't last long so I don't make people uncomfortable.

I took most if last week off of my work out program for a couple different reasons, and we went on a trip (which involved hiking, so a different workout). Honestly, it was hard talking myself into starting up again! Luckily, I teach Turbo Kick on Mondays, so I didn't have a choice.

My kids is worth more than any thing in this You Blake,Velacity,Tyson,and Landyn...Im sorry I'm not being me....without yall my life turned upside down...Blake I love you no matter what you might think you are my first born ...your mother had done an awesome job And big sis your precious and Landyn your a handful but daddy loves you And to you Tyson my baby I love you more than you will ever now ...To my family I love y'alI...Blake so proud of you I'm sorry I let you down... Tyson here ...Blake here just a phone call away.....Im Sorry....

I've decided if I don't want my kids to yell at each other as much, I should probably practice what I preach and show them more patients and calm tones. IT HAS BEEN SO HARD! I definitely still have my "firm" Mama voice, and I daily have to say sorry again for yelling.... It's also only been 8 days since I've been making a BIG conscious effort, so I can't say I've seen much change overall BUT I'm recommiting myself daily!

Congratulations on this special occasion! I’m sure you receive a lot of all kind of wishes or advices. Still I want to wish you both to have the most amazing years to come in harmony and filled with joy and happiness...!!! This message is quit late, I wish I could have been there to witness you special moments in your wedding day. I regret that I was not able to come. I am sorry..!!

Awesome reactions to my new T-shirt today in the grocery store. The shirt reads "Surely not everybody was Kung Fu Fighting ". (It's a great shirt.) A young man in his late teens politely asked "Excuse me ma'am, what does your shirt mean?" I said it was a pun on the old song from the 70's. He patiently explained "But ma'am, the song goes 'Everybody LOVES Kung Fu Fighting', you got the lyrics wrong". A middle-aged gentleman walked up at that point and explained to the young man "No, actually she must be an English teacher, pointing out the grammar error". I laughed and said, no, you're both wrong. The gentleman said "Oh, yeah, it's a Garrison Keillor quote, right?"

..."Yes, exactly" I replied....

It's time these idiots that do such horrible things pay a price. You don't have to like our president but the extreme lengths people are going to is horrific! She thought what she did was funny?! Not by any means