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First period which was math, was a total bore nothing major happened. Second period science, I just minded my own business and waited for the bell to ring and it just seemed to take forever. Finally the bell rang and it was the third period, I decided to bunk and go to the back classes cause no one stays there but the intercom rang and asked me to grace the principal with my presence. I went there knocked twice and let myself in, he looked busy with some papers and I just went in and stood next to a chair and waited for him.

Thousands of people convened on the National Mall on Earth Day to promote the understanding of science and defend it from political interference.

"Tyson defends science as an “exercise in finding what is true”. The scientific method involves testing hypotheses and peer review. Out of such a process rises what he calls “emergent truth” which is “better than anything else we have ever come up with as human beings”."

Okay, Limbaugh lizards, if you have the ability to think for yourself, stop believing in the propaganda that global warming is a liberal conspiracytheory. That's just stupidity. If you don't believe that the floods, record temps, unpredictable weather and the ice caps melting are all due to global warming, then you need to revisit how global weather systems work. It isn't fake science. YOU, MY "CONSERVATIVE"FRIENDS, ARE THE ONES BEING LIED TO BY THE "TALKERS". I think you should consider that your "talkers" are financed by those who make money by destroying our planet!