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GROUND OF REALITY. Buddha says: Things are not different, they are the same; they only look different, they only appear different. The tree there, and the rock, and you, and the animals and the stars, are not different. At the innermost core, reality is one and the same. Substance is one and the same, there are no distinctions. Distinctions are dreams. I was so happy, my personal trainer told me that I have the body of a god ........but then he added....Buddha !!!!!  

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I'm really want to say that :"Okay so days later my crush confessed to me and he was one of the cutest guys in school and smart too buh I just didnt have interest.Aya decided not to go with me to my matric dance and its fine I didnt have a problem with that ke he said he wants me to go and enjoy with my school mates"