I'm gonna get a T-shirt made that says "Delta in the Streets United in the sheets"

My customer say: " I asked God for strength and courage and he sent me my wife. We have had our ups and downs but we have never given up on each other. Lord knows I would be lost without her. She is truly a help mate. She is my back bone ,my support, and my strength when I am weak. I LOVE YOU "

This is not how you do business. We are looking for someone to build a foundation for a house on our property. We had this guy from Stonewall Masonry come today and this is the message he sent my husband.

No straight-outta-high-school player in NBA history had as seamless a transition to the pros as LeBron James. And he did it all in front of his hometown fans.

Happy moms day to the best woman I know! Thanks for teaching me all the important things in life and for always taking weird and randomly awesome selfies with me! I love you so much! Can't wait for summer vacation