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Hard to be good when all that comes together. Hard to be good when all that comes together, however ,we can  tried to be good, no matter who you are! just try to best, makes everythings easier, makes the life more beatiful.Enjoy beer together.

I just had to Illustrate Joker from Persona 5, I just love his design as well as the design of his Persona!!! I wish I got a chance to play it cause the concept art looks amazing!!!! I hope to Illustrate the rest of the Phantom Thieves in the future!!! Anyway I hope you all enjoy the speedpaint!!! Thanks for Watching!!!

My College life is now coming to an end. Four long years of studying andsurviving in college. Its been a great journey for me studying inside the campus. I have made a lot of friends and make my self a better individual. I have learned alot from my teachers and owe them a lot of gratitude for teaching me the things about the course that i pursue and tries to push me anf everyone else beyond our capacity to reach our goals. I am very thankful to my parents and yet grateful also. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my parents who made me the person that i am today. I am looking forward to the future. And i am excited for what to come. I will use all of my knowledge and skill that i have gathered and improved it. To give my family a better living. And to prove everyone else. That in spite of my gender identification there is no barriers and exemptions , and i will give my family a better future.

Now go drown your sorrows at the nearest Dunkin Donuts. But Jesus!! That's how they used to look back in the sixties down in the south those pop belly redneck Sheriff's. Being retired LEO makes me wonder how a clown like this was hired to begin with, an embarrassment to his dept, his community, his family, himself.