Marrie took her two daughters to see Wonder Women and she absolutely loved it. "People don't make films where there is more than two women on screen where they are not either against each other or talking about a man" "You need to take you kids to see this film"

OMG..!! I cant wait to see this movie.. I've been waiting for it since I was a child... the best heroine!! Thanks Gal youre doing a great job playing the role of a strong, beautiful, powerful, sexy, smart woman... LOVE U!! I love the contrasting colors between everyone else's brown tones and your vibrant blue dress. Such wise color decisions on set!

Go in peace my daughter. And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a wonder women. While flying around Superman sees wonderwoman spreading her legs ...Superman says I'll do it fast she won't notice he whooshes down and bangs wonder woman and wonderwoman says oh what was that ....??? Invisible Man says I don't know but my ass hurts ....

Look Ma...No Flight! What we see is Wonder Woman leaping into action or what I call 'jump flight'. She can propel herself in the air great distances however when in motion she can not make any adjustments or turns, justland at her desired destination. *** When Wonder Woman first appeared in December 1941 she did not have the ability to fly. That did not occur until much later on in her crime fighting career (gliding on air currents as of 1958) and then (eventual flight in 1985).

I really enjoyed the holiday. Very thankful to all veterans and active soldiers without whom we wouldn't be able to freely enjoy our lives. Wonder Woman: The World War I backdrop and the (female, jewish, 30-something, mother of two, real life military veteran) lead were refreshing changes from the normal Hollywood formul