May GOD our father and the lord Jesus gives you grace and peace shirt. You're very welcome Samuel and I love your awesome comments as well!

How many of Life is better with GOD in it shirt? Just because on the outside it seems that you have it all, doesn't ever necessarily mean that you really do at heart.

I made mistakes but mistakes don't make me shirt. You are more than welcome to tell me anything that is going on in your life Sean.

Jesus sweet savior king of kings shirt. I definitely know that you can do anything you put your mind to. But I absolutely love that you have a smile on your face everyday.

Raised on sweet tea and Jesus shirt. Wow what a beautiful smile Darcy you are a very beautiful lady I love looking forward to seeing your photos.

God is good all the time shirt. Im so disappointed at the fact that a white boy will call our people a nigga and yall will jump on here.

Official autism heartbeat shirt. They man apologized ghee his mistake Samuel, what more should be done to him? Read the bible about forgiveness.

There are many of people who don’t apologize for their actions it takes a good person. And that's how I saved the world shirt.

Training to beat kong or at least skullcrawler shirt. You are the company you keep. If he is around ppl saying it them it's inevitable to slip.

Peace Love and Cure Lung Cancer awareness shirt and inoperable by western medicine. My relationship, though one of the hardest experiences.

Love my shirt handstand shirt. We’re not too emotional it’s just this generation is too damn soft. If we leave things up to you all they’ll be saying.

I went to see Wonder Woman on the God found the strongest women and made them farm girls shirt last week after an audition.

Samuel Mayweather I’m done with this! I’ve said what I had to say and I work out Just kidding I take naps shirt! I don’t say the word.

You cried you prayed now you wait shirt. You sound stupid, this man doesn't even talk his videos. If his friends allow him to speak like that to them.

I don't need a Valentine I have a Classroom full of them shirt, sad, have had no coffee, have on no makeup, and feel like a complete failure.