Gay Pride Babadook shirt

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They tell me about the symbol of LGBT

“I actually really hate the “gaybabadook” meme because its just being used as a comedic way to hide bierasure.

The reason that isn’t okay is bisexuals already get erased from the LGBTQ during pride month (and every other month). The only time I’ve seen the Babadook portrayed it’s always very Mainstream Gay™ and being inserted into the B slot. We have to fight to “prove” our place in the LGBTQ community, we have to fight to show that we’ve been involved in LGBTQ history.

I fully think bisexuals should claim the babadook as a comedic symbol for ourselves if it’s going to keep being used as LGBabadookT, because we have to hold strong to our place in the community. If that means reclaiming something as simple as a meme, then so be it. But the more I see it used as a “comedic” replacement of the B the more erasive it gets”.

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