I love crazy Father shirt

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To the father I never had and loving mama

I looked for you, but you weren’t there
I could have showed and loved you better but,
How would I have when you left too early, when you were never there
Though you left me, how could I cry when your smell was long erased from my olfactory
So I never cried because for some reasons you were too kind
You were too kind to leave me with the “she father
Yes the “she father“, she became the father I never had
She who raised me with love

I’m not mad, nor angry, nor hate you for not being in physique while juvenile
While I hankered to scare off kids on the street that I would tell my father
I would have hated the fact of you being
As it might have had me less or totally not the father I’m yet to be
I’m not mad, nor angry, nor hate you, it’s just that I don’t understand you

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