Surely not everybody was Kung Fu fighting shirt

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Awesome reactions to my new T-shirt today in the grocery store. The shirt reads “Surely not everybody was Kung Fu Fighting “. (It’s a great shirt.)

A young man in his late teens politely asked “Excuse me ma’am, what does your shirt mean?” I said it was a pun on the old song from the 70’s. He patiently explained “But ma’am, the song goes ‘Everybody LOVES Kung Fu Fighting’, you got the lyrics wrong”. A middle-aged gentleman walked up at that point and explained to the young man “No, actually she must be an English teacher, pointing out the grammar error”. I laughed and said, no, you’re both wrong. The gentleman said “Oh, yeah, it’s a Garrison Keillor quote, right?”

…”Yes, exactly” I replied….

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