The panda shirt

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This is the  story of Panda.

Panda was let down by his owner. Panda died today….

What we know of Panda’s story:
He was a young cat (possibly indoor/outdoor) who belonged to a young mom whose boyfriend refused to let him back in the home once he began peeing where he shouldn’t. A concerned neighbor called dispatch when he became worried about this; and the fact Panda wouldn’t eat the food and fresh fish he tried to provide. He was then impounded where he refused food and water for another 5 days before we were called in to help. I went to see him today and he literally broke my heart. He was suffering; but for a small moment seemed so relieved to have someone look at him with the love and care that was his right upon birth. I told the vet I would pay for a blood test so we would know what we were dealing with and could then decide if or how to save him. What we were dealing with was acute kidney failure. Nothing could be done and the choice was made to end his suffering.

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