All I want to do is touch big butts and eat Tacos T- shirt, V-neck, Hoodie.

Since I bought them at the tail end (no pun intended) of their tiny fluffy cute chick stage, they were already a week or 2 old. Prairieland Feeds didn’t want the baby chicks to be injured or scared by rough handling or given diseases from too many people touching them, so they put screens and wire over the top of the chick pens, and signs saying Please Do Not Touch the Chicks. Most people didn’t handle the chicks — including me when I first looked at them, and the next day when I bought them. So they passed their cutest, teeniest phase mostly unsocialized except with each other. The chicken books advise lots of petting and gentle handling when they are tiny so they will bond with you. These chicks didn’t get that.

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